Tuesday, June 16, 2009

GAY PRIDE in Washington DC

So I spent the weekend in Washington DC hanging out in a well-fit mansion with lots of wkd food, love and stuff to do.
Had the pleasure of walking into Gay Pride outside the Whitehouse too. Was so dope. Got to see The Weather Girls do 'Its Raining Men' followed by the drag superstar - Ru Paul.
Sooooo amazing. Ch ch check it out.





The Inappropriates

As you might or might not know already, when I dj, I play in the duo - The Inappropriates with either Ariane aka Sex Hoof or Vanessa aka MC Ness E. 
I find this video of me and hoof to be a riot. We are playing a normal (for us) set @ World Bar on a Wednesday night - Down Amongst The Dead Man by Flash and The Pan (our personal fave) . !

Monday, June 8, 2009

The genius - David Byrne

I had the most brilliant night tonight. I had the honor of appreciating David Byrnes perform in Brooklyn, New York's Prospect Bark Bandhsell in front of a hundred thousand people in a white tu tu with FOUR encores. He is so brilliant. New York City is so brilliant. Appreciate the brilliance for yourself!  

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Linedancing Super Granny

Ok so last Friday, I was in Brisbane hanging with my fam and I went to my mum's cover bands gig and experienced this super granny linedancing genius all night long!!!! SHe was on fire ... so many moves......
Watch and enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New York City

Sooo I'm currently in New York, chilling in a loft in Brooklyn. Am here for three weeks. I'm playing and hosting a Modular party Downtown Downturn on Wednesday 17th June at 171 East Broadway with genius Thomas Bullock from Rub n Tug which should be a blast! Myself and fun loving Anna Lunoe spent yesterday hanging out acting like slugs chalking the street... Here are some snaps from my first day here. 

Finally ya'll.......

Finally I have searched within to produce a blog to keep ya'll up to date on my wacky travels around the globe. Yewww! So strap yourself in and feel the jiggy. I have a lot of amazingness to share with all........