Monday, March 28, 2011

Posh is taking over

If you haven’t heard of Posh! The Prince... Your life is missing something. I had the pleasure of finally meeting his ocean loving ass on his latest trip to Oz. I know those of you in sydney would have ALL seen his sweet cheeks whizzing about on his fluro wonder bike around Bondi at some point over the past three months. What I love about Posh, (apart from everything) is his ability to make people think, to make people feel, and to make people want. Posh blends gender in a way I haven't seen before. He is a beautiful being, not only on the outside. I love how he confuses the shit out of so many straight boys. They really don’t know WHAT to think/feel! The looks we would attract together walking down the street were PRICELESS. I can only hope these bizarre faces we made people pull were a new and exciting thing to them and their facial muscles. Watch out for Posh!... he is gonna be beyond BIG, real soon. In your face, from now and forever.

Some photos from our time together



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